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Welcome to AV Studio

We are so pleased you have chosen our studio!  AV Studio is an all inclusive, boutique studio featuring pilates on the reformer, barre classes, and many other options including Reformer Sculpt, Barre/Reformer Combo and others.  No matter your path, we are here to support and encourage you in your journey to physical well being and good health

Why Pilates?

Pilates is a non impact, full body strengthening and lengthening system.  While the main focus is on the muscles of the core, all large muscles of the lower body plus the upper  body are challenged in this versatile workout.  Besides strength and flexibility, Pilates focuses on balance, concentration, posture and proper body alignment.  Whether a pro athlete, a newcomer to exercise or a stay at home parent, pilates helps develop the whole body.  Try it by yourself or bring a friend!  You will be so glad you did!


AV Studio welcomes clients of all ages, genders and levels to try our Reformer Pilates and All Levels Barre classes. All Reformer Pilates classes on Stott Pilates by Merrithew equipment. 

Studio Policy:  All clients new to the reformer must complete 2 private hours of training before joining a group class. AV Studio offers private hours through our New Client Special or at a reduced rate when training with an apprentice.  

Cancellation Policy: Please cancel or reschedule up to 12 hours in advance of your class start time to receive reimbursement. 

Barre Studio

Maximum 5 class size, with single or 10 pack. 

Pilates Reformer Classes  

Private, duet or triple Reformer classes with single or monthly packages. 


Meet Our Instructors


Alison Vardaro

Alison is the owner of AV Studio and has been in the fitness industry for 40+ years with certifications in everything from Step and Spin to Tabata and Pilates.  Alison has been active her entire life starting with life on a farm in upstate NY and an early devotion to gymnastics.  Her focus now is on functional fitness.  Building an energetic strong and graceful body that allows us to handle all that life throws our way!  Alison loves to hike, cook, swim, bike, and run with her dogs. She credits pilates with keeping her body strong so she can pursue all the activities she loves in life!


Cheryl Tarpy

Cheryl discovered Pilates and immediately loved the discipline and benefits of the practice. With exercise being part of her daily routine for many years she became more interested in the total/mind body focus of Pilates.  She loved the challenging workouts and quickly realized that it was the perfect cross training regime to strengthen, tone, and stretch for the body. After years of encouraging friends to try Pilates she decided to start her training w/ Balanced Body.

For the past 10 years she has practiced several times a week under Alison. She has often said "Pilates (Alison) thought me how to exercise". The instructing, knowledge of the body and cueing is key to developing a strong practice. She looks forward to introducing you to the fabulous world of Pilates


Holly Nichols

Holly is a movement enthusiast, visual artist, ad author and fully certified in the classical Pilates method. She fell in love with Pilates as it combined the joy she felt in the practice of dance through her childhood and high school years with her interest in athletics as an adult. Holly is particularly intrigued by the History of Pilates or "Contrology," as its founder, Joes Pilates, called it. A believer in joyful movement, Holly enjoys working with clients and tailoring a safe and custom experience to each individual, using the method to achieve their goals, and making them more efficient movers both in and out of the studio. 


Kaitlyn Swierzewski

Kaitlyn started at AV Studio  as a client. A believer in enjoyable exercise,  she became addicted to Reformer Pilates and the results a consistent Pilates practice had not just physically - but mentally. Wanting to share her passion for Pilates with others, she  became certified in Mat, Essential and Intermediate Reformer. Kaitlyn's classes are rarely the same as she loves to constantly switch up her workouts and mix in exercises from different styles of Pilates. You're bound to try a new move from Instagram in her class. Kaitlyn is a graduate of Fairfield University and has a MBA from Fitchburg State University. By day she works in Brand Advertising specifically within Sports Sponsorships. 

“Alison is always encouraging, challenging, and professional. She also is always very kind, and has a knack for using her wonderful sense of humor when introducing new difficult exercises. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions together, which makes a significant impact on my physical and mental well being. ”

Joan Gateley O'Toole

"I have always found [Alison] to be professional and knowledgeable. She is able to tailor each workout to fit the individual needs of her clients even in a group class setting.  Alison is always researching and implementing new Reformer exercises so the classes will be challenging and different. I would recommend her to anyone looking to take Pilates and Pilates reformer classes.

Barbara Horan

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Location & Parking

Willard Building

1266 Furnace Brook Parkway Ste 104, Quincy, MA 02169

The studio is located on the first floor of the building which is down the stairs when you enter the lobby.


We offer classes 7 days a week - morning, noon, and night. Please see the schedule page for our schedule.


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